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Pre-Owned Nagahara "Sir James Galway" Flute Headjoint with 20k Rose Riser


  • Workshop Approved

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Our Description

Manufacturer's Description

'A new addition to our already extensive headjoint  selection, the Galway Headjoints offer a majestic sound featuring a special lipplate design and exclusive riser cut.

Kanichi Nagahara has always had a knack for observing and learning from flutists to create something that assists the flutist further their art. The Galway headjoint was inspired not only by Sir James Galway, but by the many flutists who have approached Kanichi in the different shows and conventions he attends yearly.

The Galway headjoint is the perfect tool to get your thoughts across to the audience enabling ease of expression, strong resonance, and freedom of flexibility among all registers. The design of this new modern lipplate curvature combines with the newly created   “G” cut embodies comfort and strength at the same time.'


Locking Crown

In early 2006, Kanichi Nagahara and Sir James Galway discussed  the common problem of a headjoint crown becoming loose as well as how to further enhance the resonance of a headjoint.  Kanichi was aware of this issue for some time, but it was not only after this conversation that he thought of  an elegant and simple solution, the Locking Crown.

Consisting of a “Top” & “Base” section, this brilliant two-piece crown was originally designed to improve security and stability of the crown and to avoid the “buzzy” loose crown issues. However,  additional benefits have been found with the use of the  Locking Crown. Most players experience an increase ease of the articulation, better note attack for pianissimos in the upper register and more clarity in the middle-lower register. Also, there is an increased control of intonation on the top register, more focussed/centred core in the the sound (forward projection), and greater resonance.

General Condition

In good condition throughout.

About Nagahara

Born and raised in Japan, Kanichi Nagahara began his flute-making career as an apprentice with a major Japanese flute manufacturer primarily concentrating on headjoints and research & development.   He also studied traditional Japanese metalworking (including engraving, chasing, and inlay), with Mr. Asai, a master silver smith. Nagahara is truly a one-of-a-kind company, making a one-of-a-kind instrument. Having worked with both Japanese and American flute makers, Kanichi Nagahara has created an instrument which draws on the best aspects of both worlds, combining Japanese production ingenuity with traditional Boston craftsmanship. Today, Nagahara is viewed as a top flute maker among the flute community and a worthy pioneer in the development of the modern flute holding several patents improving the flute's design. Hand-made for each customer, professional and recreational flutists over the world chose to play a Nagahara for their reliability and superior craftsmanship.


  • Fully handmade headjoint
  • 95.0% solid with 20k red 'Nagahara' riser, giving a true red blowing edge
  • 'DA' cut embouchure hole (see below)
  • Locking crown (see below)
  • This headjoint can be fitted to most makes of flute. Please note that it may need to be adjusted to fit your instrument. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Item number: C125064 (Please quote this Item Number if you contact us about this item)
Manufacturer: Nagahara
Category: Pre-Owned Flute Headjoints

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