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J R Lafin 15/85 Flute Headjoint with 14k Rose Riser and Adler Wings


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Our Description

J. R. Lafin began his career as a flute technician in 1979, becoming the only flute repair speciailist in Berlin at the time. Subsequently, he was able to go to Japan where he received extensive training at the Muramatsu factory. Through his contact with many flautists he often heard criticism about headjoints, except when they were made by Albert Cooper. This inspired his specialisation in head joint manufacture, beginning to make headjoints himself with his own custom made tools.

Following a long period of experimentation and trials, a partnership began with Albert Cooper making headjoints to his design and specifications. Since Mr Lafin and Mr Cooper are continually adapting their designs and experimenting with new ideas to improve playing characteristics, the design is always changing slightly in an ongoing effort to make flutes play better.

J Rainer Lafin headjoints are played worldwide by some of the most highly regarded players.

The 15/85 tube is an alloy of 15% gold and 85% silver, which gives this headjoint a unique sound. Amazing to play.

About J R Lafin

J. R. Lafin born in 1940, began his career as a Principal Flutist after having studied with Dr. Demmler and Aurèle Nicolet. His last playing position was 1st Piccolo-Flutist in the Berlin Radio-Symphony Orchestra. In 1979 he decided to learn flute-repair as there is no-one in Berlin who does flute repairs and subsequently he was able to go to Japan where he received extensive training at the Muramatsu factory. Having contact with so many flutists he often heard criticism about head joints, except when the player had one which was made by Albert Cooper. He therefore thought he would make head joints himself and then started by first designing his own tools. Lafin headjoints are regarded as one of the best available today.


  • Fully handmade headjoint
  • Made by J Rainer Lafin in Switzerland
  • "15/85" tube
  • 14k rose riser and "Adler style" wings
  • "Julie" model
  • Supplied in a presentation case
  • This headjoint can be fitted to most makes of flute. Please note that it may need to be adjusted to fit your instrument. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Manufacturer: J R Lafin
Category: Handmade Flute Headjoints

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