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JazzLab "SaxHolder" Saxophone Strap

by JazzLab

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Our Description

  • Made of ultra-light materials (Kevlar ® and aircraft aluminum), used in the space industry
  • Transfers the instrument weight evenly to both shoulders, no stress on the back
  • Can be put on with one hand in seconds
  • Equally comfortable when sitting or standing
  • Unisex design for men and women
  • Stores in the bell of the saxophone for easy transportation
  • Ideal for alto, tenor, baritone and even bass sax
  • Also ideal for use with bassoon, bass clarinet
  • Developed in Switzerland and made in the EC

This unique and innovative sax strap design allows the weight of the instrument to be distributed evenly across the shoulders without putting strain on your neck. The Sax Holder aids good posture by lowering the centre of gravity, meaning a more natural and upright playing position and greater freedom of movement.

Manufacturer: JazzLab
EAN: 7640133610306
Category: Saxophone Straps & Harnesses