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Ian McLauchlan Grenadilla Piccolo Headjoint


£625 exclusive of VAT (EU Export and VAT Assisted Purchase price)
New international CITES regulations on certain wood items require export licences on sales outside the EU. Further information
New international CITES regulations on certain wood items require export licences on sales outside the EU. Further information

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Comments from Professional Flautists on Ian McLauchlan flute headjoints:

Adrian Brett, (Player, Teacher, Lecturer) writes:
"Ian's headjoints are undoubtedly the best compromise available, combining response advantages of modern development without losing the tonal and dynamic range of the oldest French traditions."

Celia Chambers
(Principle flute, London Philharmonic Orchestra) writes: "Ian McLauchlan's headjoints are a joy to play. I like a head that responds immediately and gives one plenty of freedom to develop the sound. They produce an impressive dynamic range and a well focussed sound. At the same time they allow one to explore lots of other tone colours. I thoroughly recommend a McLauchlan headjoint - it could greatly enhance your tone quality."

Michael Hirst (Freelance flute player) writes:
"I am more than happy to recommend these high quality headjoints ... for vibrancy of sound and clarity of articulation."

Larry Krantz, (Player, Teacher, co-owner of FLUTE) writes:
"I bought one of Ian McLauchlan's headjoints back in 1991 and I am still playing on it today. Ian's headjoint is fitted to my old Powell. Ian was very kind and patient in allowing me to play on dozens of headjoints and he did not draw my attention to his headjoint in any way. When I did find that wonderful headjoint that I had been searching for, for so long, it just happened to be his. I took the headjoint away for a trial period and just one week later was back in the shop to pay for the gem. I find that Ian's headjoint is extremely responsive in all registers at any dynamic and it possesses an enormously wide range of tone colours."

Upgrading your piccolo headjoint

Upgrading your piccolo headjoint can vastly improve tone, articulation, response and depth of sound throughout all registers. Ian McLauchlan piccolo headjoints are custom-made for your piccolo.
These headjoints are made from top quality instrument-grade Grenadilla-wood for quality of sound and maximum resistance to cracking.

About Ian McLauchlan

Ian started making headjoints and repairing flutes in the 1980s and since the has established himself as one of the leading flute technicians in the United Kingdom, maintaining instruments belonging to many professional players. Ian's headjoints are undoubtedly one of the best available, combining response advantages of modern development with the tonal range of the earlier French traditions. Ian is a freelance flute player, taught by Trevor Wye and Kate Hill.


  • Fully handmade piccolo headjoint
  • Grenadilla-wood throughout for a clear sound with excellent projection
  • Available with standard or reform embouchure
  • Please note that this headjoint will be custom made for your instrument.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Ian McLauchlan
Category: Piccolo Headjoints

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