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Freewing "Pro" Oboe Hand Rest


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Our Description

The Freewing Handrest for Woodwinds — for Free and Easy Playing

Freewing is a small device designed to make it easier to support the weight of your oboe.

The traditional way of holding a oboe evolved some two centuries ago. At the beginning of this process some of these instruments were held horizontally, like trumpets. Around the beginning of the 19th century, there was a move to give the right thumb extra support, which led to the development of the metal thumb rest. The instrument was now held closer to the player's body and the position of the thumb became fixed. Over time the intonation of woodwind instruments has improved considerably and the addition of mechanisms to work the increased number of keys has made them more "technical" to play while at the same time adding to their weight. This has led to an increased awareness of the physical demands of playing and supporting the instrument, with instrument makers drawing on the science of ergonomics to design new techniques for supporting the instrument.


The team responsible for Freewing is an enthusiastic group of professionals whose goal has been to design and improve methods of supporting woodwinds. Their main objectives have been to make possible an ergonomic thumb position and to reduce muscle tension in the supporting hand.

Freewing frees the thumb by transferring the task of supporting the instrument to the area between the thumb and forefinger with its stronger muscles.

Handcrafted using high-quality materials, the Freewing handrest, in a simulated woodgrain matt finish, is made of low-temperature polymer which can be individually customised using, for example, a hairdryer. A laser-cut steel band secures the handrest without the need to drill any further holes in your instrument.


  • Ergonomic thumb rest for oboe
  • Customisable for your hand size and shape
  • Supports the weight of the oboe on your hand, not your thumb
  • Pro model with metal collar and bracket

Item Details

Manufacturer: Freewing
Model number: Pro
Category: Oboe Thumb Rests and Cushions

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