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Music for Flute and Brass

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Wedding Music
Grand Fantasia
by M. Arnold
Fantasy, Op50
by L. Castellacci
L'Oiseau des Bois, Op21
by F. Doppler
Souvenir du Rigi, Op38
by F. Doppler
Just As I Am
by C. Elliot
Rondo Finale
by J. Frith
Singapore Suite (fl hn)
by G. Gardner
Chicken Chowder for Two
by I. Giblin
Duet for Flute and Tuba
by W. Hartley
12 Nocturnes, H11 D5
by J. Haydn
Suite (fl hn), Op41
by H. Johnsen
6 Small Pieces
by F.X.W. Mozart
Serenade Op 15 (fl hn pno)
by B.E. Müller
Water Music
by G. Schocker
Waltz No 2
by D. Shostakovich
Nocturne, Op.31
by R. Tillmetz
Nocturne, Op.31
by R. Tillmetz