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Colin Bradbury's Wind Plus Summer School

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Colin Bradbury's Wind Plus Summer School
Aug 27

Benslow Music, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 9RB

This popular course combines an atmosphere of natural exuberance with a lotof concentrated, serious work. Colin Bradbury, doyen of British clarinetists, andMartin Gatt, bassoonist extraordinaire, bring to the party a wealth of experienceand a team of illustrious but down-to-earth colleagues. You’ll have the opportunityto play in groups large and small, to encounter a wide variety of repertoire, andto take part in the traditional last night concert given by participants and tutors.Colin also gives a slightly less informal recital with his tutor colleagues on the finalafternoon. You’ll need to be at least of Grade 6 standard to get the most out ofthis course.
Residential £540 / Non Residential £410
T: 01462 459446  E:

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