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Denis Wick 5880 6BS Silver-plated Trombone Mouthpiece

This product is discontinued. It is not available for sale.

Our Description

  • Silver-plated trombone mouthpiece
  • Medium bore
  • 25.40mm cup diameter
  • 6.26mm rim width
  • 6.66mm bore
  • V-type backbore

The entire Denis Wick range of mouthpieces began with a mouthpiece conceived to suit the needs of the London Symphony trombone section playing in the unhelpful acoustic of the Royal Festival Hall in the 1960s. This original design (now the 4AL) has remained popular, and has generated many other types, each of which is designed to fulfil a specific function. There is a characteristic clarity, warmth and beauty of sound which no other maker has been able to match. Intonation and flexibility have been brought to a state of perfection which has helped to create the highest standard of trombone playing ever, in all areas of activity.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Denis Wick
Model number: 5880-6BS
Category: Trombone Mouthpieces

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