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Symington 'Flutemet' Flute Crown and Stopper


Our Description

The Flutemet stopper and crown are made from a very heavy and hard alloy. This adds a substantial weight to the headjoint and gives it more resonance. The middle and top registers have a lot more ring and depth to the sound. To really appreciate the difference you should try this combination.

Manufacturer's Description

"The well known flute maker Robert Bigio had for some years before 2002  been making  a plastic-Delrin- stopper and a crown of African blackwood as a replacement for the usual cork assembly in the head of the flute. This combination in the experience of somebody playing the instrument, gives an improved response and tone compared with the cork assembly which it replaces: it became quite popular.

In 2002 I embarked on an experimental program which entailed the replacement of the Delrin stopper by  stoppers made from a number of non-ferrous metals to his design, and found that these produced marked changes to the performance of the head piece some of which were musically valuable. The results of these experiments were embodied in an article I contributed to the March 2003 issue of "Pan", which is the the journal of the British Flute Society. In particular I reported that a zirconium stopper produced the best results on the flute I was then using  for my experiments. The response is better than for the usual cork assembly and the tone more robust than that afforded by Delrin. ( I maintain that  the tone of the metal or Delrin stopper is more flexible than  that of the cork assembly). As a result zirconium stoppers & crowns have been sold for some years and it is fair to say that the reception by flautists generally has been favourable to enthusiastic.]

Since this article appeared I have added a few more metals to the original selection and have also experimented with replacing the blackwood crown with crowns made of various metals. These too cause changes, in some cases beneficial, to the performance of the head although they are not so pronounced as those effected by using metal stoppers."

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  • "Flutemet" Flute headjoint stopper and crown
  • Gold-plated stopper
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Item Details

Manufacturer: David Symington
Model number: 'Flutemet'
Category: Flute Crowns and Stoppers

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