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Daniel Paul 'Highwall' Style Thickwall Mopane Handmade Flute Headjoint


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Our Description

Daniel Paul is an expert flute repairer and headjoint maker based in Nuzéjouls, France. His wooden headjoints are designed for use with most modern flutes. Daniel says of the wood he works with that it 'is an organic material that is a pleasure and a challenge to work with. Each piece is unique in colour and structure and demands expert treatment to reveal its true potential. The wood gives a quality to the sound of the head that isn't found with any other material. Each log or billet of wood is different. Inside, there may be flaws which render the piece unusable or a natural shape and grain that inspire a beautiful, unique head joint.'

This Mopane wood headjoint is made in Daniel's 'Highwall' style, described as follows:

'This headjoint has an increased chimney height but without any increase in the overall volume of this very important part. This adds an extra reponsiveness and also serves to give an open and very balanced sound.'

About Daniel Paul

Working at his studio in Nuzéjouls, South-west France, British flutemaker Daniel Paul hand produces headjoints in a range of woods and styles.

The Thinwall style is made in the English flutemaking tradition, particularly Rudall Carte, but updated for the needs of today's players to offer greater response, power and freedom of expression.

The Classic style is modelled on the great French makers Lot and Godfroy, with a thickwall tube. These are ideal for players who want a Baroque or Classical sound, or for those who play folk.

The Highwall style, available in both  thickwall and thinwall versions, has a raised embouchure, which creates a balanced and even sound with greater responsiveness.


  • Fully handmade headjoint
  • Mopane wood
  • Full thickness tube
  • Highwall style (see below)
  • Supplied in stainless steel, wooden-capped tube
  • This headjoint can be fitted to most makes of flute. Please note that it may need to be adjusted to fit your instrument. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Serial number: 52***
Manufacturer: Daniel Paul - Daniel Paul online
Category: Handmade Flute Headjoints

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