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Perfect Performance Guarantee

Perfect Performance GuaranteeAll our new woodwind and brass instruments are protected during their first year by our three-fold Perfect Performance Guarantee.

1) Performance Set-Up

All new instruments are regulated and then set up for top-notch performance by our world-class technicians before leaving our showroom. This is not the same as being simply 'checked'!


  • make sure that every joint fits together perfectly and easily, so that children won't struggle with tight joints;
  • adjust every key on the mechanism, so that they are all sprung lightly and evenly;
  • ensure that all keywork operates smoothly with no double action, and that every pad closes completely, so that the instrument is easy to play from the lowest notes to the highest ones

Instruments put through our Performance Set-Up are noticeably easier to play - and more reliable - than those which haven't, giving beginners the best possible start, and accomplished musicians a sound advantage.

In addition, the vast majority of instruments require an amount of setting up just to even work. If you think about how far your instrument has travelled (from Japan, Taiwan, China, USA etc) and all the vibrations it will have suffered along the way, then you can probably imagine the amount of keywork alterations that our repair studio routinely have to make to these instruments when they reach us, just to make them roadworthy!

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2) Performance Check-Up

 We pay for your first check-over* for you, as long as you take advantage of it within the first 12 months of ownership. Putting it through our repair studio ensures that your instrument continues playing at the top of its game, and gives your playing the edge.

3) Manufacturer's Warranty

Except where otherwise stated, all new instruments are supplied with a one year warranty from the time of sale.

The following exceptions apply: damage or deterioration due to accident, mistreatment, misuse, perspiration acids or adverse atmospheric conditions. Please note that this guarantee also does not extend to items such as pads, corks, felts etc., which will be expected to wear and deteriorate with normal use (except where a problem can be shown to be a result of faulty workmanship or materials).

Perfect Performance is included in the price of all new woodwind and brass instruments and is not available on second-hand or ex-demo instruments. For guarantee on these items, please see the individual products' descriptions.

Please note that all coverage under this guarantee is void if any modification, repair, change or alteration has been made to the product that is not specifically authorised in writing by Jonathan Myall Music.

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*Performance Check-Up includes, amongst others, adjusting padding, felts, and corks, fitting joints and regulating mechanism. Please note that it does not cover damage due to misuse or accident. Performance Check-Up will be at our own repair studio, so please book your instrument in in advance by contacting the studio.