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Buffet-Crampon BC1131LV-2-0 Vintage Bb Clarinet


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Our Description

Buffet Professional Clarinet Models - Spot The Difference!
Buffet produce a large range of clarinets at the top level and it can get confusing what the differences are between them.

  • The R13 is the most popular professional-level clarinet. Players tend to find that this produces a bright sound with good projection.
  • The RC is basically the same as the R13, apart from the bore (the bottom joint is conical rather than polycylindrical). This gives the clarinet a different flavour with a darker sound.
  • The Prestige models use the same bore style as the R13 or RC, but use higher-grade wood, which (a) gives better projection with more tone control, and (b) is less likely to crack. In addition. the bore is hand-burnished, giving greater precision. This is important, as the bore is vital to good tuning. These models have reinforced tenons for added strength and upgraded Gore-Tex pads.
  • The Vintage has the same features as the Prestige models, with a wider bore design (in fact it uses the original R13 design from the 1950s - hence the "Vintage" name). The clarinet is responsive with a warm sound.
  • The Festival is very similar to the R13 Prestige but is supplied with two barrels; the barrel length is slightly different and the tone holes are moved slightly, both for improved tuning.
  • The Tosca is the top model; this has a unique bore design, modified ergonomic keywork and right hand low F correction key. It also has raised C# and G# tone holes to prevent water building up in these. Full, rich sound.

Manufacturer's Description
"A highly colorful clarinet! In creating the Vintage clarinet, Buffet Crampon especially wanted to satisfy those musicians who wish to find the same features and sound they had with their 1950's R13 clarinet. Today the Vintage has charmed many clarinettists the world over. They choose the Vintage for its fluid, focused tone, its homogeneity in all registers, and its easy response.The Vintage clarinet has a special bore designed to provide a previously unreached level of flexibility and remarkable tuning with a warmth in all registers. The G# / C# tone holes have been raised. The Vintage clarinet comes with both a cylindrical and a double conical barrel."


  • BC1131LV-2-0 "Vintage" Bb clarinet
  • Hand-selected unstained Grenadilla-wood body
  • Power forged keywork, preplated in copper and finished in silver plate
  • .925 solid bell ring
  • Blue steel springs
  • Stainless steel rods and pivot screws
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Undercut tone holes
  • Hand-burnished unique bore design
  • Altered tone hole placement, with elongated barrel - improved tuning
  • Supplied with cylindrical & double conical barrels
  • Gore-Tex® pads
  • Not supplied with a mouthpiece to allow the player to find their own perfect mouthpiece combination
  • Includes Buffet 'Harmony' ligature and cap, one reed, cleaning accessories and leather-bound double clarinet case
  • Also available as an A clarinet

Item Details

Manufacturer: Buffet-Crampon
Model number: BC1131LV-2-0
Category: Bb Clarinets

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