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Brace Guard Lip Protector

by Brace Guard

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Lip protection for players who use orthodontic braces. Brace Guard is two compounds which you mix together to form a mould guaranteed to perfectly fit over your braces. It solves many problems associated with wearing orthodontic braces, including embouchure shape. Unlike plastic shields or dental wax, it will not soften or slide around in the mouth.

  • Protects lips from cuts and irritation caused by dental appliances or sharp, irregular teeth
  • Enables players to devise personalised protection without professional assistance
  • Promotes healing by covering the major source of irritation
  • Stays in position until removed. Will not slip or slide
  • Each guard lasts for 4-6 months with normal use
  • Includes enough material in one kit to produce five guards

User Reviews

Average customer review: 5 stars out of 5 (from 1 review)

5 out of 5 “Brace Guard Lip Protector ”

Reviewed by Pauline (Student) - 4 years ago

My daughter plays the trumpet and has now had a brace for 18 months we tried a couple of different protectors for over her brace to protect her lips. This is by far the best and you are able to make several protectors from one kit, ensuring an exact fit each time the brace is adjusted. Only a small amount is required for each protector.I would highly recommend this item.

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Manufacturer: Brace Guard
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Category: Care for Musicians!

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