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Aulos AF2 Baroque Flute

by Aulos
This product is discontinued. It is not available for sale.
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Our Description

This Baroque flute has a matt finish to simulate Grenadilla-wood. This results in a more rounded sound, and gives better grip for holding the flute. The AF2 is at modern pitch (A=440Hz), meaning it can be played in ensembles with modern instruments. If you are new to the Baroque flute and are considering buying a wood instrument, buy this first - as long as you don't need a flute at Baroque pitch (if you do, the instrument for you is the AF3 model, at A=415Hz).

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  • Plastic baroque flute
  • Matt black simulated Grenadilla-wood finish
  • One-keyed
  • A=440Hz
  • Includes soft case and cleaning accessories
  • Design based on a Grenser baroque flute

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Perfect Performance Plan

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Manufacturer: Aulos
Model number: AF2
EAN: 4582202780899
Category: Baroque Flutes