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Arthur Haswell Grenadilla Lined Thinned Flute Headjoint


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Manufacturer's Description

Headjoints for today's players, hand-crafted in England using traditional methods.

After many years of specialising in the repair of wooden concert flutes, and having a renowned maker for a mentor, it was natural for us to develop our interest towards the creation of our own headjoints. We began working on prototypes in September 2016, determined to create the best possible headjoints, crafted without compromise, to suit both silver and wooden flutes.

Our headjoints play with a modern response while giving the rich powerful sound associated with vintage wooden flutes. All are thinwall to give maximum resonance. The standard cut is somewhat resistant, demanding more from the player and rewarding with greater control and a subtler range of sounds and dynamics.

The addition of a silver lining gives tonal properties from the metal and the wood, achieving a certain power and focus while keeping that rich sound. It is noteworthy that almost all the wooden headjoints made by Rudall Carte were lined.


  • Fully handmade headjoint
  • Thinned Grenadilla-wood headjoint
  • Silver-lined
  • This headjoint can be fitted to most makes of flute. Please note that it may need to be adjusted to fit your instrument. There is no charge for this.

Item Details

Manufacturer: Arthur Haswell
Model number: Grenadilla Lined Thinned
Category: Handmade Flute Headjoints

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